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Leadership Resources

Being a leader is difficult!  Don't do it alone. 

The Office of Student Activities is at your service as you gain leadership skills and manage your own organization/events.  Many of the skills you are learning in the Regiment are transferable, however student organization membership is voluntary. Serving on the executive board of a student organization allows you to develop your own style and make mistakes in a more controlled environment.

Documents you need are at the bottom of this page.  On your way down, check out all of the great resources here to help you.


Resources for Student Organization Leaders

Officer Roles within a Student Organization

Transitioning Officers


Understanding Parliamentary Procedure and Robert's Rules of Order for running a meeting.

Build an Action Plan

Group Goal Setting

Facilitating Groups

Delegating Effectively

How to Delegate

Solving Problems & the 5 Conflict Handling Modes

Motivating Your Members

Keys to Creativity and Mental Locks to Creativity

Motivate your Organization's Members

25 Ways to Boost Member Motivation


Building a student organization budget

Example Budget excel sheet

1. Fund-raising Ideas

2. Juniata College's 100 Fund-Raising Ideas

Event Planning

Check out some key points on preparing for an event:


Recruitment and Retention Tips

Building a Recruitment Plan

Do's and Don'ts of Recruitment

Enjoy this TED Talk on what makes a good leader:

For the Recognition Application 2017-2018: Click HERE

An example consitution can be found: HERE.

For the Student Organization Policy Click HERE

Updated: Monday, June 5, 2017
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