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Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Kings Point, NY., February 28, 2017 – The Midshipmen are in the Mardi Gras spirit as the Academy enjoys a special surprise.  The Hungry March Band surprised the regiment with a New Orleans style brass band performance.  Complete with dancers, the band energized the room with the sounds of Mardi Gras. “It really brightened up my mood, I couldn’t stop smiling, maybe it’s because I’m a musician myself and I really enjoy good music,” said M/N Magnus Nilsson 3rd Classman.

The food service officer and Crystal whipped up a menu fit for Rex (the King of Mardi Gras). The New Orleans Alumni Chapter and CAPT Preston DeJean, also a native of Louisiana, contributed beads, decorations, and king cakes which was bonus lagniappe.  The event was a surprise for everyone as the Regimental Commander had not even left the podium before the band could be heard in the hallway. They made their way in and on to the regimental platform, playing and dancing all the way there.  It was not long before many of the midshipmen were dancing with them.

For pictures and short videos of the event, click here to be linked to the Office of Student Activities Facebook page.

Updated: Friday, March 3, 2017
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