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6. Candidate Fitness Assessment

  • Satisfactory completion of the Candidate Fitness Assessment (CFA) is one of the requirements for admission to the United States Merchant Marine Academy.  Candidates that fail the CFA may retake it.  Passing results must be received in the Office of Admissions by the application deadline.
  • The CFA is a test of strength, agility, speed and endurance.  The results of this test are important in the overall assessment of your admission file, so you should become familiar with the six events in the CFA and practice them to score well.
  • Your CFA examination may be administered by an Admissions Field Rep, a J/ROTC instructor, physical education teacher, or any commissioned/non-commissioned officer other than a parent/guardian. It is your responsibility to arrange for a qualified person to conduct your examination. It is your responsibility to ensure that that the results are submitted the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy Office of Admissions by the application deadline.

Fourth Class Midshipmen must demonstrate the capability of swimming 100 yards using two basic strokes, and 15 minutes of flotation. Non-swimmers must devote a part of their time to learning basic swimming strokes, and it is therefore recommended that applicants learn to swim before entering the Academy. This requirement must be fulfilled prior to a midshipman's first shipboard training period.

Now Accepting Applications for the Class of 2029