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USMMA Operations Status: Normal

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7. Medical Exam

  • An applicant for admission to the Academy must be in good medical condition and must meet the requirements for an appointment as a Midshipman Strategic Sealift Officer, U.S. Navy Reserve.
  • The Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board (DoDMERB) is responsible for determining the medical qualification of Academy applicants. Medical examinations are conducted by a service academy examining facility designated by DoDMERB.
  • To be considered for the DoDMERB medical exam, you must submit your online application, and the Office of Admissions must receive your high school transcript (through 11th grade), and unofficial SAT/ACT scores. It is the applicant's responsibility to pursue medical processing in a timely manner to its conclusion. It can take several weeks to schedule your initial medical evaluation and several more weeks to determine medical qualification.
  • Failing to disclose pre-existing medical conditions of which you were aware that are discovered after reporting to the USMMA may result in medical separation and you may be ineligible for readmission.

Height and Weight

  • All applicants must meet the Navy body composition standards in accordance with the OPNAV Instruction 6110.1J, Physical Readiness Program.  Please see Table 1 in the Navy Body Composition Assessment (BCA) guide for maximum limits.
  • The maximum body fat percentages are 22 percent for men and 33 percent for women. A body fat percentage is not required for applicants whose weight falls within the parameters set forth in Table 1 in the Navy Body Composition Assessment (BCA) guide. For those applicants whose weight exceeds the maximum for their height, a body fat measurement will subsequently be taken using the circumference (tape measure) method. Applicants who do not meet the established medical requirements for admission at the time of their medical examination may still be considered for and offered a conditional appointment. Appointed candidates are expected to report for the Academy's Indoctrination Program meeting the height-weight standards.

Medical Waivers

  • For applicants with a disqualifying medical condition: A medical waiver will be automatically requested for applicants that are competitive for an appointment to the Academy. You will be notified directly by DoDMERB if there are any additional requirements, tests, or evaluations required.

Now Accepting Applications for the Class of 2029