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***Class of 2027 LOA (Conditional Appointment) Candidates: As of 4/19/23, if you are still going through the medical process, you are still being considered for an Appointment.***

Candidates are appointed competitively by the Academy for the vacancies allocated to their state or geographical area. Each state has an assigned number of appointees proportionate to its representation in Congress. After the Academy has selected its principal appointees, the remaining qualified candidates will be designated as alternates to be appointed in order of merit should openings occur within their states.

In the event that a state fails to satisfy its allotment, appointments to fill the unfilled vacancies are determined from the national list of alternates, ranked in order of merit as described above. A candidate's competitive standing is established by test scores on the standardized SAT or ACT examination, high school class rank, academic record, evidence of leadership potential, interest in a maritime career, letters of recommendation, and other factors that are considered effective indicators of motivation and probable completion of training. Bonus points are awarded to candidates with at least six months of sea service aboard merchant or naval vessels.

Early Notification of Admission

Highly qualified candidates may receive early notification of their appointment after complete evaluation of their qualifications. All other candidates will be notified of their status on or about late March/early April of the year in which they seek admission.

Candidate Reply Date

The Academy ascribes to the universal candidate reply date of 1 May. All principal appointees are required to notify the Academy either of accepting or declining their status by that date.

Last updated: Friday, May 12, 2023

Applications for the Class of 2028 Coming Soon