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For over 75 years the United States Merchant Marine Academy Waterfront has set the highest standards for the training of Merchant Mariners and Military Officers. The pursuit of this excellence has solidified Kings Point Waterfront as one of the best waterfront's in the nation.


The Waterfront's tradition of excellence is not only found in its goal to prepare Midshipman in vessel operations, but in its Waterfront Athletics. From its beginning, Kings Point Sailing has developed the highest caliber of athletes in intercollegiate sailing. The program claims 17 National Championship Titles, 56 All-Americans, 6 College Sailors of the Year, 2 Olympians, and 9 USMMA Hall of Fame Inductees. 

Paired with this success, Kings Point Offshore Sailing has a history un-matched to other programs in the country. The program has captured 2 ICSA National Championship Titles along with countless other wins in regional, national, and international events, solidifying Kings Point Offshore Team as one of the most decorated programs in intercollegiate offshore sailing.

Kings Point Rowing is the newest team within the Waterfront, but in its short time, has accomplished accolades which rival the success of all Waterfront Athletic Teams. The program has won at every level; novice, lightweight, heavyweight and women’s boats. The Rowing team has consistently represented the program at the highest caliber of events. These include the prestigious Head of the Charles and the Dad Vail National Championship.


JOE PROSSER  //  1965 - 1986

The “Father of Kings Point Sailing”, Capt. Joe Prosser, was the Academy's preliminary Sailing Master. Prosser arrived at Kings Point in 1965, and immediately impressed his contemporaries with his experience, knowledge, and flair. Prosser was originally hired for a six-month assignment as captain of Kings Point's 12-Meter, Weatherly. It was during this time, Prosser saw an opportunity to create a first-class waterfront program. Vice Admiral Gordon McLintock, the Academy’s fourth Superintendent, hired Prosser as the United States Merchant Marine Academy's first Sailing Master. This began a twenty year campaign, to which has rarely been seen; building Kings Point Sailing into a national powerhouse.

During his tenure, Prosser laid the foundation that the Waterfront program has enjoyed over the past 75 years. He upgraded the pier and float system; amassed an eighty boat fleet of dinghies, offshore vessels, power boats, and support vessels; launched the donated boat program; expanded the offshore team, and hired the first full-time sailing coach.

Prosser’s first decade of effort culminated in the program's first National Championship Title in 1977, followed by National Titles in 1979 1984, 1985 and 1987. In 1984, he was appointed Director of the newly formed Department of Waterfront Activities. Here he became responsible for operation of T/V Kings Pointer.

In recognition of his service to Kings Point and college sailing, Prosser was named an Honorary Alumnus of Kings Point in 1984, and elected to the Intercollegiate Yacht Racing Association Hall of Fame in 1985. 

Although Prosser began a run of dominance in intercollegiate sailing that has never been matched, it was his impact off the water which set him apart. Prosser's concern for the personal growth of his midshipmen sailors was unparalleled. He took tremendous interest in the professional development of each, midshipman, athlete, and colleague; fostering their growth as naval officers, merchant mariners and leaders. His dedication to their success can best be measured by the number of sailing alumni who have gone onto professional success, and who continue to give back to the Academy and Waterfront. Joe Prosser passed away in 1986.

CHRISTOPHER McMAHON  //  1986 - 1991

Prosser was succeeded by Capt. Christopher McMahon, USMMA ‘77. McMahon had sailed as a deck officer since graduation, upgrading is USCG License to Unlimited Master. McManhon also served as an Associate Professor at USMMA from 1983-1986. During McMahon’s tenure as Sailing Master, the program achieved a number of milestones, including the acquisition of the Varsity Crew Team; the hiring of a part-time Offshore Coach; the establishment of a mandatory sailing class; and the creation of the Waterfront Executive Officer billet.

McMahon's most significant accomplishment was his successful campaign to erect a Sailing Center at USMMA. September 1991, Rear Admiral Paul Krinsky signed off on the construction contract, and the Sailing Center was officially born. The building broke ground Homecoming Weekend in 1992, and the building was “launched” on 20 October 1994.  In recognition of the generosity of James H. Yocum '47, the building was named the Yocum Sailing Center in May 1995, to honor Jim's brothers, parents and grandparents.

ERIC WALLISCHECK  //  1991 - 2001

In 1991, Capt. Eric Wallischeck USMMA '83 assumed the position of Sailing Master. Wallischeck served afloat immediately following graduation, and later joined the staff at the USMMA Foundation, eventually becoming Director of Development in 1990. During his tenure as Sailing Master, Wallischeck oversaw the construction of the Sailing Center; acquired a new training ship; established the position of Waterfront Training Officer and the Regimental Waterfront Department; expanded the full-time coaching staff; and founded the Waterfront Campaign, which raised $2.5 million to furnish the Sailing Center and provide for long-term capital program needs.


In 2007, Cdr. Chris Gasiorek USMMA '95 assumed leadership of the program. After graduation, Gasiorek sailed aboard bulkers, tugs, racing yachts, and sailing ships; incredibly earning in Unlimited Masters License in the short span of five years. After several years as Chief Mate aboard bulk carriers in worldwide trade Gasiorek returned to the world of professional yacht racing and traditional sail training.

Gasiorek has left his mark on the Waterfront in many ways. During his tenure, Gasiorek implemented many programs that are still intact at the Waterfront today. These include the Sail Training Program, tailored for Midshipman that wish to learn to sail, navigate, and gain valuable underway skills, while not competing on a varsity team. Gasiorek introduced Plebe Overnight Trips to introduce first year Midshipman to the opportunities that the Waterfront has to offer. Gasiorek was addiment on the impact of "hands on" training at the Waterfront. His initiatives to introduce all Midshipman to waterfront activities still remains a core value of the Waterfront today. 

Gasiorek facilitated the donation on numerous vessels to the Waterfront, including large sailing yacht Summerland.


Rich Cain confirmed the con as the 5th Director of Waterfront Operations and Training, in 2019. Before this, Cain assumed the position of Acting Director beginning from 2001-2007, then again from 2014 -2019, after Gasiorek's departure. Cain has been a member of the Waterfront beginning in 1987. Here he started as a deckhand/engineer onboard the T/V Kings Pointer, working alongside his father, C/E John Cain. In 1990, Cain was promoted the fleet engineer and was charged with the maintenance of all waterfront engines. Soon after, Cain was promoted to head marine foreman, then Deputy Director of Waterfront Operation and Training in 1998. 

During Cain's tenure, the Waterfront has transformed into a first class facility. From Waterfront Athletics, to operations and training, Cain has been at the forefront of all waterfront initiatives since 1990. Cain was instrumental in the building of Yocum Sailing Center in 1995. Furthermore, Cain developed and oversaw the reconstruction of Mallory Pier. 

Cain's latest contribution is the reconstruction of Crowninshield Pier. The new state of the art waterfront athletic facility is set to break ground shortly, with completion set in 2024.

Cain's support of Waterfront Athletics has been second to none. Cain has built a coaching staff that rivals the best programs in the country, supporting the recruitment and development of the top waterfront athletes in the nation. Cain has led the program to 6 National Championship Titles. 

Cain and his family's presence are felt around the campus and the greater Kings Point community. Cain and his wife Diane have two daughters, Megan and Nicole, both recent graduates of Villanova University.

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