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Admissions Overview

The following are the steps that must be taken in order to be considered for admission to the United States Merchant Marine Academy:

  1. Candidates must fullfill the Academy's eligibilty standards.
  2. Candidates must meet the Academy's Scholastic and Physical-Medical Requirements
  3. Request an application. Complete Parts I and II, and return them to the Academy as early as possible. Part 1 can be done on-line. Give Part III of the application to your Guidance Counselor or College Advisor. He/she must complete that Part, and return it to us along with your high school transcript, standardized test (SAT and/or ACT) scores, and letter(s) of recommendation. All those items must reach the Academy no later than 1 March of the year you are applying for entry to the Academy. An early application receives early attention.
  4. Request a nomination from a Member of the U.S. House of Representatives and/or a U.S. Senator from your State of residence.
  5. You must work with DoDMERB to schedule (and successfully complete) a full medical examination. This should be initiated after the Academy has received your application for admission.
  6. Take the SAT and/or the ACT no later than the first test date of the year in which you are seeking admission.
  7. The Academy will make every effort to advise all candidates of their status by 1 April of the year they are seeking admission, or as soon thereafter as is possible. Principal Appointees must decide by May 1 whether they will accept or decline their Appointment.
  8. Candidates who are designated an "Alternate" will be notified immediately if they are later advanced to Principal Appointee status.
  9. The Plebe (Freshman) Class enters the Academy in July.
Updated: Sunday, January 20, 2013
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