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Land Hall Updates

KINGS POINT, NY (Dec. 1, 2016) – Land Hall was buzzing with energy as the Office of Student Activities hosted an Open House.  New furniture was installed giving the dated building new life and new excitement.  The project was completely Midshipmen led.  In August of 2016, several midshipmen were focus-grouped. These Midshipmen were presented with available styles and asked what they needed in Student Center furniture. Midshipmen selected their favorite types of furniture for several rooms in the building.  Next, a couple weeks later, Midshipmen matched up colors and looks, to blend in and maintain the unique qualities of the building, while giving it a fresh new feel.  To finish things off, the Midshipmen chose some of the finishing touches; the rugs, lamps, tables. "I like it. It doesn't seem so out dated. This update has taken many years off the building. It seems like now, it's going to be a nice place to hang out," said Plebe Alex Stoyka.

Check out some of the before and after pictures below:




Updated: Thursday, December 1, 2016
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