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Start Your Own

Don't see the club you want to join?

Start your own!

If you are interested in forming a new organization or wish to find out about any listed organization, please contact the Director of Student Activities by visiting the Office of Student Activities in Land Hall. New organizations are formed every tri-semester, and the office makes every effort to provide the type of organizations that fit your interests. Be sure to ask about our new clubs, or to inquire about starting a new one!

Starting a club is easy!

Before you come to the Office of Student Activities, you should have the following:

1. The idea for a club (This idea should not overlap with any current organization)

2. Eight interested midshipmen. (Eight students are needed to justify club status, all of them should be currently on campus and not out to sea.

3. A club advisor. (Advisors must be current employees of the United States Merchant Marine Academy)

After you meet with the Director of Student Activities you will need the following:

1. Club application

2. Roster of Members

3. Constitution

The constitution should include the following:

  • Roles for Officers (President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, etc)
  • Roles for Advisor (The advisor of a club is a current Academy employee and serves in an advisory role to guide the club. The Advisor is not a club member and does not vote. The advisor does not have access to authorize spending of club's funds)
  • A non-discrimination clause
  • Agreement to follow academy rules
  • A no hazing clause.
  • Description and time of year during which the organization will hold democratic elections.
Updated: Tuesday, May 23, 2017
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