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Marine Engineering


The Engineering Majors provide midshipmen with the education and training to design, build, operate, maintain and repair the engineering systems used on modern marine vessels and to prepare them for positions of increasing responsibility in the maritime and intermodal transportation industries.

The Engineering Majors also provide midshipmen with a sound, broad-based engineering education while simultaneously preparing them for an unrestricted license as a third assistant engineer of steam and motor vessels.

The Academy offers three engineering majors:

  • Marine Engineering
  • Marine Engineering Systems
  • Marine Engineering and Shipyard Management.

The synergistic combination of classical engineering studies and operations-oriented training and experience offers graduates an unbeatable amalgamation of skills that prepare them for a broad range of professional occupations. The special nature of the Academy makes the engineering graduates well suited for professions in the maritime industry as well as in related fields such as power generation and intermodal transportation.

About the Program

The Marine Engineering program prepares midshipmen to serve as licensed officers in the U.S. Merchant Marine and to provide them with an engineering education that prepares them for a wide variety of professional positions including the career fields of ship construction, operation, marketing, maintenance,
repair and survey.

The program focuses on the operational and applied aspects of the marine engineering profession. It allows midshipmen the opportunity to choose elective courses in order to tailor the program of study to meet their individual professional goals.

Graduates of the Marine Engineering program are exceptionally well suited for employment at sea as engineering officers, as well as ashore in the applied phases of the engineering spectrum such as power generation and technical marketing.


Fourth Class Year

  • Maritime Professional Studies KP100
  • Basic Firefighting DN110
  • English 1 HE101
  • History of Seapower HH100
  • General Chemistry MC100
  • Calculus 1, 2 (Engineering) MM101,MM130
  • Physics 1, 2 MP101, MP130
  • Intro to MMNR NS120
  • Engineering Shop 1 EG111
  • Introduction to Electrical Engineering EE120
  • Computer Engineering ES110
  • Introduction to Marine Engineering EM100
  • Engineering Graphics EG100
  • Engineering Mechanics ES100
  • Self Defense PE101
  • Swimming/First Aid PE110
  • Aquatic Survival PE120

Second and Third Class Years

  • Electric Circuits EE300
  • Chemistry for Engineers MC300
  • Engineering for Shop 2 EG211
  • English 2 HE202
  • Introduction to Materials Engineering ES200
  • Engineering Math 1 MM230
  • Marine Engineering 1 EM200
  • Naval Architecture EM301
  • MMNR Officer NS220
  • Naval Leadership & Ethics NS402
  • Principles of Economics DB210
  • Ship's Medicine PE201
  • Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) DN100
  • Strength of Materials ES301
  • Topics in History HC400
  • Transport Processes 1, 2 ES210, ES310
  • Mechanical Aspects of Mar. Eng. EM302
  • One Math/Science Elective Manufacturing Processes EP200
  • Quantitative Methods I MM350
  • Two Physical Education Activities

First Class Year

  • Advanced Firefighting DN410
  • Modern American History HH360
  • Diesel Simulator EM420
  • Electric Machines and Analog Electronics EE400
  • Electronics and Instrumentation EE401
  • Internal Combustion Engines EM415
  • License Seminar EM470
  • Marine Engineering 2 EM400
  • Materials/Mechanical Lab ES305
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning EM410
  • Advanced MMNR Officer NS320
  • Diesel Maintenance EM430
  • Engineering Economics EP300
  • Gas Turbines EM425
  • Management DB230
  • Thermal Analysis of Marine Power EM460
  • Two Electives
  • Two (2) Physical Education Activities

Sea Year

  • Marine Propulsion 1 EC111
  • Ship Systems 1 EC115
  • Machine Shop EC110
  • Deck Operations DS210
  • Marine Propulsion 2 EC260
  • Electrical Systems Naval Architecture EC264
  • Refrigeration EC265
  • Ship Systems Maintenance Management EC253
  • Ship Systems 2 EC262
  • Maritime Business DS390
  • Electrical Engineering EC252
  • Humanities Sea Project HS211
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