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Department of Marine Engineering

Below is a complete list of the Department of Marine Engineering Faculty and Staff.

Name Title Phone number  Email 
Prof. Michael Ales Associate Professor (516) 726-5721
Dr. Boris Butman Professor Emeritus (516) 726-5705  No Academy Email
Mr. Thomas Bussi Mechanical Engineering Technician (516) 726-5735
Dr. William Caliendo Department Head (516) 726-5722
Prof. Salvatore J. Carillo Assistant Professor (516) 726-5597
Dr. Gabriel Colef Professor (516) 726-5730
Mr. Richard Crook Laboratory Supervisor (516) 726-5730
Prof. Jose Femenia Professor Emeritus (516) 726-5705  No Academy Email
CDR Emily Gardner Assistant Professor (516) 726-5762
CDR Raymond Gardner Professor (516) 726-5724
Dr. James Garofalo Assistant Professor (516) 726-5717
Mr. Raymond Granville Mechanical Engineering Technician (516) 726-5713
Dr. Yongjian Gu Associate Professor (516) 726-5719
Prof. Erica Hansen Assistant Professor (516) 726-5630
Mrs. Maria Hansen Staff Assistant (516) 726-5705
CDR James A. Harbach Professor Emeritus (516) 726-5705  No Academy Email
CAPT Peter Kahl Associate Professor (516) 726-5712
CDR Lance W. Klein Associate Professor (516) 726-5733
Prof. Brian Leonard Assistant Professor (516) 726-5711
Dr. Walter M. Maclean Professor Emeritus (516) 726-5705  No Academy Email
CAPT Robert T. Madden Professor Emeritus (516) 726-5705  No Academy Email
Prof. Raymond Mathewson Professor (516) 726-5716
CAPT Anthony D. Nigro Graduate Program Director, Associate Professor (516) 726-5734
Dr. David Palmer Professor (516) 726-5707
LCDR Nicholas Palumbo Assistant Professor (516) 726-5794
Dr. Sergio Perez Professor (516) 726-5726
CAPT Joseph Poliseno Associate Professor (516) 726-5732
CDR David Pulis Assistant Department Head, Associate Professor (516) 726-5729
Dr. Michael Roenbeck Assistant Professor (516) 726-5738
Prof. Paul Santamauro Professor (516) 726-5723
CAPT William Sembler Professor Emeritus (516) 726-5705  No Academy Email
Mr. Maxim Semyonov Mechanical Engineering Technician (516) 726-6051
Dr. Hesham Shaalan Professor (516) 726-5708
Dr. Atil Talay Assistant Professor (516) 726-5774
Last updated: Tuesday, May 19, 2020

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