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Academic Center of Excellence

Academic Center for Excellence


The ACE mission is to insure our retention numbers are high through the use of educational concept of "scaffolding" in the development and support of midshipmen. This goal requires help from the mentoring and professional members of the USMMA community. The ACE provides midshipmen with the support and instruction they need to achieve their academic goals and be successful in their educational pursuit. At the Center, midshipmen can develop effective learning habits that will prove to be beneficial, not only during their time at the Academy, both ashore and afloat, and beyond graduation as well.

Center Availability

The ACE Director's Office Hours

  • Monday  1100-2000 (11am to 8pm)
  • Tuesday  0800-1630 (8am to 4:30pm)
  • Wednesday  0800-2000 (8am to 8pm)
  • Thursday  0800-1630
  • Friday  0800-1200

The ACE Hours of Operation

  • Monday  1100-2300
  • Tuesday  0800-2300
  • Wednesday  0800-2300
  • Thursday  0800-2300
  • Friday  0800-2300
  • Saturday  1000-2000
  • Sunday  1000-2300

Profession Tutoring Session Schedule are delivered to students on Sunday evening for the week.

The ACE is located on the lower level of Wiley Hall.

The main entrance to the Academic Center for Excellence is via the North side of Wiley Hall, facing Fulton-Gibbs.

For more information, call Paul D. Acquaro, Director at 516-726-5961.

Updated: Wednesday, May 20, 2015
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