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Obligation Compliance

Service Obligation Reporting:

The Maritime Administration (MARAD) would like to remind all 2007-2013 USMMA graduates that they need to submit their annual service obligation report no later than March 31, 2014.

All graduates must report, even those who were are on active duty with an armed service of the United States. Graduates should log into the Maritime Service Compliance System (MSCS) website at to submit their annual report electronically.

MARAD has established a dedicated phone number for service obligation questions and issues. Graduates can call (202) 366-7618 to get answers to questions about their service obligation, employment determination requests, deferrals, and waivers.

Graduates can also send emails to: M​a​r​i​t​i​m​e​.​g​r​a​d​u​a​t​e​@​d​o​t​.​g​o​v​
If graduates have difficulty logging into MSCS they can contact the MARAD Helpdesk at (202)385-4357.

MARAD takes fulfillment of graduates' service obligation seriously. Failure to comply with a graduate's service obligation may lead to their induction into the armed forces or repayment of the cost of education you received while enrolled at USMMA.

This message has been posted on behalf of MARAD's Office of Workforce Development. All follow-up questions will be handled as outlined above.

Updated: Friday, March 21, 2014
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