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ACE Tutoring Services

Tutoring Programs Overview
The Academy Tutoring System provides individual and group tutorial assistance to Midshipmen who request the service or the require support do to identified academic deficiency. Inquiries should be made to the Director, Academic Center for Excellence. Services are provided by Midshipman peer tutors, professional tutors, and The tutoring system also promotes the usage of instructor office hours as the initial intervention strategy.

Professional Tutoring Program

The ACE provides several professional tutors for students. The plebe core courses are generally subjects for which professional tutors are available and they include courses in Calculus, Physics and Chemistry. There are English tutors that come in each week and are available to assist any student with their language skills. A professional tutoring schedule for the trimester is made available to all students and Mentors. Email reminders about the time and location of tutoring are sent out every weekly and are posted for the professional tutoring sessions reflecting the week ahead. Midshipmen that need help in these courses are encouraged to attend these sessions.

Peer Tutoring Program

Peer Tutors are available to all midshipmen enrolled at the Academy. The Midshipman Peer Tutoring Program is run out of the Academic Center for Excellence. Each term, students can sign up with the Regimental Academic Officer (RAO) to be a peer tutor. There is a midshipman academic officer in each company who is specifically responsible to work with students who are experiencing academic difficulty and to apply the support systems described above to specific cases. The academic officers work closely with the Director of the Academic Center for Excellence. Each plebe is assigned a faculty mentor, who is available through appointment to discuss a broad range of academic problems with a student.

The ACE Director and the RAO put together a tutoring roster and schedule that is made available to all midshipmen. Tutoring sessions are located in the ACE, library, and in company study areas during designated times and are available to tutor any midshipman who stops by during that time frame. Students are required to log in each time they see a Midshipman tutor. Program

The Academic Center for Excellence is happy to announce the availability of a 24/7 live academic tutoring program in partnership with The service is currently used by U.S. Military installations and other government training facilities. The tutors are college professors in the U.S. and are experienced in tutoring college students. product highlights:
• 24/7 live tutoring sessions
• Dedicated writing support center for the USMMA
• Technical support and product manager assigned directly to the ACE Director
• The interface will match with many of our Gen Ed and generic engineering courses; it is a work in progress
• Comprehensive metrics available to judge effectiveness of the services provided

Midshipmen Preparation

During Indoctrination, plebes receive an orientation to their responsibilities as college students, in addition to their responsibilities as members of the regiment of midshipmen. This orientation covers material such as “How to Study,” “Time Management” and the “Test Taking Strategies”. These topics are further covered in the first and second trimester during the Academic Hour, a period set aside each week for academic support activity.

Updated: Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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