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USMMA Welcomes Incoming Class of 2018

KINGS POINT, NEW YORK, July 3, 2014 - Yesterday, The U.S. Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point (USMMA)  welcomed its incoming Class of 2018, consisting of 252 plebe candidates representing 46 states and 4 Foreign Countries, including Malaysia, Romania, Panama and the Republic of Korea. Upon arrival, the Congressionally-nominated future Midshipmen began a rigorous, 20-day regimen of academic, military, and physical training known as Indoctrination, which will transform them from recent high school graduates into future leaders and licensed maritime officers.

“The new plebe candidates make up one of the most diverse classes at USMMA,” said Rear Admiral James A. Helis, Superintendent. “Minority enrollment for the Class of 2018 is now at 27.7% and the percentage of females is at 18.6 %.  We are very pleased that the incoming class is more representative of the American demographic than ever before.”

During their first day of “Indoctrination,” also known as INDOC, plebe candidates were issued uniforms, received their first regulation haircut, and formed on Barney Square as companies for the first time.  During formation, they were greeted by the Acting Maritime Administrator, Paul N. Jaenichen.  Jaenichen said, “Kings Point is one of our nation’s most selective schools, and you have proven yourselves to be among the best of the best of this year’s applicants.  It is a strenuous regimen of academic, military and physical training that will change you – inside and out.”

Upon graduation USMMA midshipman will receive a Bachelor of Science Degree and a United States Coast Guard issued Merchant Marine Officer License, ensuring a strong U.S. merchant marine that will support the nation’s economic and security interests. Kings Point graduates also serve five years of active-duty in the military, or sail in the U.S. Merchant Marine while serving for eight years in the reserves.

Over the next few weeks, Midshipmen Photographers will be posting photos that can be accessed by clicking INDOC PHOTOS.

Updated: Tuesday, July 8, 2014
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