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USMMA Holds Change of Command Ceremony

KINGS POINT, N.Y., November 28, 2022 – Just before Thanksgiving, the United States Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA) held a Change of Command Ceremony in Delano Hall. Midshipmen officers were relieved of their duties by classmates who will serve in their positions for the second half of Academic Year 2022-2023. The Ceremony acknowledges that a transfer of authority has taken place and demonstrates to all that the regiment is never without leadership.

The outgoing Regimental Commander, Midshipman Captain Meghan Malone, was relieved by Midshipman Elizabeth O’Neill, who takes charge of the Regiment of Midshipmen through the end of the academic year. Malone, a native of Crofton, Md., said, “As I look back on the past six months serving as Regimental Commander, I am thoroughly appreciative of all of my interactions with my peers, senior leadership, and the honored guests that have come to the Academy. I have been challenged in many ways, but also have been shown so much support and received help from people I never expected to work with. Serving in this position has been extremely rewarding, and I’m looking forward to the leadership of the next Regimental Commander, Midshipman Captain Elizabeth O’Neill, and I’m confident that she will tackle this challenge well and also have positive experiences.”

The new Regimental Commander, Midshipman Captain O’Neill, of Severna Park, Md., said, “I am thrilled to have been given the opportunity to serve the Regiment of Midshipmen. I know we will all work together at a great level of integrity and respectability. I look forward to working with my peers to leave a positive impact on the Academy.”

Along with the change in Regimental Commander, the following First Classmen participated in the Change of Command Ceremony:

  • Regimental Executive Officer MIDN Carter Hall is relieved by MIDN Paige Smith
  • 5th Company Commander MIDN Cameron Fallon is relieved by MIDN Nathaniel Johnson
  • 4th Company Commander MIDN Abigail Morsberger is relieved by MIDN Kevin Stefanick
  • Band Company Commander MIDN Ethan Margot is relieved by MIDN Josiah Kline
  • 3rd Company Commander MIDN Ryan Malfara is relieved by MIDN Jeremiah Wang
  • 2nd Company Commander MIDN Julia Coughlin is relieved by MIDN Davis Caldwell
  • 1st Company Commander MIDN Paige Smith is relieved by MIDN Olivia Dart
  • 3rd Battalion Commander MIDN Phoebe Cho is relieved by Aiden Finn
  • 2nd Battalion Commander MIDN Hailey Hicks is relieved by MIDN Stephen Hess
  • 1st Battalion Commander MIDN Connor Ryder is relieved by MIDN Thomas Gehman

Rear Admiral Susan L. Dunlap, Deputy Superintendent (performing the duties of the Superintendent), congratulated the Academy’s newest Regimental Officers and wished them success.  “You have been chosen to lead the Regiment of Midshipmen because you have already demonstrated the qualities of good leaders. I wish you success in your new roles.”

Last updated: Monday, November 28, 2022

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