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Operations During a Lapse in Annual Appropriations

The United States Merchant Marine Academy (Academy) will continue to operate in support of national defense and national security.  It is the stated statutory policy of the United States that it is necessary for the national defense that the United States have a merchant marine capable of serving as a naval and military auxiliary, in time of war or national emergency, operated by citizens of the United States.  Consistent with this policy, the Academy was established to train United States citizens to serve as officers in the United States merchant marine and in the Armed Forces of the United States.  Shutdown of the Academy would disrupt the academic calendar and significantly impact cadets’ ability to complete the mariner licensing required courses in time to take the United States Coast Guard mariner licensing exam.  Any disruption of the licensing and commissioning progression potentially threatens the flow of merchant mariners critically needed for national defense and national security.

Personnel required to ensure continuation of Academic classes will continue to work.  These positions include instructors, Commandant staff to supervise the Midshipmen, and personnel required for dining, health, simulator training and other instructional support.  All other personnel will be furloughed.

When classes are not in session during an academic break, the Academy will remain open, but only a minimal cadre of personnel will be retained to cover necessary Academy functions during the break.  All other personnel will be furloughed until classes resume. 

Updated: Friday, January 19, 2018
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