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Midshipmen and Faculty Honored at Awards Convocation

On Friday, June 14, 2013, the United States Merchant Marine Academy held the “Class of 2013” Awards Convocation in Ackerman Auditorium. Seventy midshipmen received over 100 awards in recognition of their academic achievements, athletic accomplishments and exemplary service to the Regiment of Midshipmen, the community and the nation.

Three midshipmen were also recognized for their Kings Point Scholar Projects.  These projects are the successful culmination of many hours of research on a topic outside the required curriculum.  The scholars who presented their projects to an audience of faculty and midshipmen earlier in the month were Matthew Finlayson, for his paper “Ensuring an Integrated Approach to Learning at KP,” Ian Holtzworth, for  “Feasibility of a Marine Alternative to Tampa Bay’s Commuting Congestion,” and Raul  Osigian Probst for his paper: “Design, Construction and Validation of Performance of a Supersonic Wind Tunnel.” In addition to his paper, Midshipman Osigian Probst designed the Academy’s first supersonic wind tunnel.

Two new awards were added to this year’s program: the Arturo Diaz Master Shipbuilder Award and the Roxie DeStafney Award.  The award which was named in memory of Arturo Diaz, Class of ’79, was awarded to Midshipman Daniel James Gillis, who attained the highest grades in Shipyard Management Major. The Roxie DeStafney Memorial Award, which was named in memory of Mrs. Roxie DeStafney was awarded to two midshipmen, Christopher Benard and Ursula Holm, for their “strong involvement in voluntary service to the community.” 

In addition to midshipmen awards, three members of the faculty chosen by the Class of 2013, received awards for distinguished teaching and leadership.  Mr. Joseph Kass received the Service Award for Distinguished Teaching. Professor Raymond Mathewson received the Sue Alice McNulty Award for being the professor “who has contributed most to their education during their four years at the Academy.” Finally, Captain Douglas Hard, received the VADM Gordon McLintock Award for Exemplary Leadership.

“It is an honor to recognize the achievements of our outstanding students, faculty and staff,” said Rear Admiral James A. Helis, Phd., Superintendent. “The United States Merchant Marine Academy is proud to acknowledge the academic, leadership and personal accomplishments of the entire Academy community.”

Updated: Tuesday, July 9, 2013
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