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Institutional Assessment

Office of the Institutional Assessment


The mission of the Office of the Institutional Assessment (OIA) is to gather, maintain and provide analysis of the institutional assessment data in order to support timely decision making and planning functions of the Academy leadership.

•Make available accurate and reliable statistics/reports  to internal and external audiences
•Provide direct data support for Academy’s planning and assessment processes in accordance with MSCHE and other accrediting agencies
•Assist departments/programs in developing assessment processes and measures
•Assist w/generating surveys and analysis thereof

Current Projects
•OIA is currently preparing Program Reviews, and all pertinent documents can be seen under Related Documents. Program Review is pertinent to all of the Academy Departments and Programs (Academic, Academic Support and Non-Academic) not just for compliance with Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) Standards, but also with establishing awareness of importance of assessment processes and continuity of improvement (what assessment folks call - closing the loop).  Program Review documents can be found under Related Links "USMMA Program Review."
•The next big project - agenda - is of course MSCHE accreditation, and the Self study documents can be found under Related Links "USMMA Self Study 2016".
•Lastly, OIA has posted a several documents of relevance to any visitors  -  USMMA FactBook,  Class of 2016 Profile, FERPA Regulations and USMMA Organizational Chart.

Updated: Tuesday, March 21, 2017
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