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Campus Map

A map of the USMMA Campus.

1. Vickery Gate 20. North Memorial Arbor 41. Roger Hall
2. Marvin Place Parking Area 21. South Memorial Arbor 42. Cleveland Hall
3. Bowditch Hall 22. War Memorial 43. Barney Square
4. Schuyler Otis Bland Library 23. Memorial Chapel 44. Delano Hall
5. Fulton Hall 26.Crowninshield Pier 45. Topside Dining Room
6. Gibbs Hall 27. Prosser Boat House 46. Cleveland Hall Parking Area
7. Berger Hall 28. Chapel Parking Area 48. Patten Health Clinic
8. Collins Place Parking Area 29. Land Hall 50. Melville Hall
9. Fitch Building/Babson Center 30. Murphy Hall 52. Museum
11. Samuels Hall - GMATS 31. Palmer Hall 57. Public Works Building
12. CAORF Bridge Simulator 32. Wiley Hall 58. Tomb Memorial Field
13. Yocum Sailing Center 33. Amphitrite Pool 59. Brooks Stadium
14. U.S. Coast Guard Station 34. Jones Hall 60. Upper Roosevelt Field
15. "Salty" O'Hara Landing 35. Truxton Arcade 61. Midshipmen Parking Area
16. Mallory Pier 36. Barry Hall 62. Lower Roosevelt Field
17. Hague Basin 37. O'Hara Hall  
19. Eldridge Pool 38. Furuseth Hall  
Last updated: Thursday, March 26, 2020

Applications for the Class of 2027 Open May 1

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