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Name Title Phone Email
 CDR Chris Gasiorek Director / Sailing Master
Contact for: General Information on all programs
(516) 726-6034
 Mr. Rich Cain Assistant Director
Contact for: Marina Ops. / Visiting by boat
(516) 726-6040
 Mr. Rick Dominique Director of Varsity Programs
Contact for: Marina Ops. / Visiting by boat
(516) 726-6036
Capt. Jonathan Kabak Director of Sail Training
Contact for: Sail Training Vessel Operations
(516) 726-6039
Mr. Rob Asma Director of Power Squadron
Contact for: Power Vessel Operations
(516) 726-5718
Mr. Michael Collins Head Dinghy Sailing Coach
Contact for: Dinghy Sailing Team
(516) 726-6033
Mr. Derek Hartwick Head Rowing Coach
Contact for: Rowing Team
(516) 726-6038
Mr. Rick Dominique Head Offshore Sailing Coach
Contact for: Offshore Sailing Team
(516) 726-6035
Mr. Rick Dominique Head Keelboat Sailing Coach
Contact for: Keelboat Sailing Team
(516) 726-6032
Mrs. Mary Hall Office Manager
Contact for: Administrative / Billing Inquiries
(516) 726-6041
Mr. John Casey Marine Maintenance Foreman (516) 726-6037
Mr. Chip Lowe Marine Maintenance Staff (516) 726-6045
Mr. Jack Sulla Marine Maintenance Staff (516) 726-6045
Updated: Wednesday, March 6, 2013