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Health Services


To optimize and maintain Midshipmen health in support of successful education and graduation of licensed Merchant Marine officers of exemplary character so they meet medical criteria required to serve America’s marine transportation and defense needs in peace and war.

Our Vision

  • Maximize overall health and readiness of USMMA Midshipmen and future maritime, transportation industry and Armed Forces Reserve duty leaders
  • Deliver quality patient care respectfully through excellent customer service and with a compassionate approach.
  • Foster a healthy and safe environment that supports academic training initiatives, sea worthiness and all regimental activity.
  • Ensure that the medical staff is optimally trained to support and enhance our mission.

The Department of Midshipmen Health and Emergency Medical Services (DMHES) is responsible for the overall management of the Midshipmen medical care, dental care and Midshipmen emergency services. DMHES works to help Midshipmen maintain all medical standards for United States Coast Guard Licensing and United States Naval Commissioning requirements. DMHES provides care to meet all the standards as set forth in The Code of Federal Regulations, 46 C.F.R. §310.56 which dictates the continuing requirement for USMMA Midshipmen to meet the standards set forth in Department of Defense Instruction 6130.03, Medical Standards for Appointment, Enlistment, or Induction in the Military Services.

Midshipmen Health and Emergency Medical Services

Located in The Patten Health Clinic Building, DMHES provides medical and dental care for Midshipmen at no charge. The staff is comprised of A Health Care Administrator; board certified Physicians, fully trained and credentialed Physicians Assistants, a Registered Nurse, Nutritionist, Dental Hygienist, a Clinical Psychologist, a Counselor and medically trained office support personnel. Key services include:

  • 24-hour Emergency Medical Services (EMS) coverage for Midshipmen, faculty, staff, and visitors, through the Midshipmen EMS program, with support provided by local emergency services.  All Midshipmen who participate in the EMS program are New York State trained & certified Emergency Medical Technicians.
  • Midshipmen Health Services is well prepared to handle Midshipmen Medical Coverage needs including:
    • Routine medical care
    • General dentistry
    • Dental examinations
    • Dental hygiene
    • Midshipman Counseling and Personal Development services
    • Access to a full range of referral services
    • Precommisioning physicals
    • Sea Year Physicals and medical qualifications for obtaining Merchant Mariner documents and licensing.
    • Act as Liaison with The Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board (DoDMERB), The Bureau of Medicine and Surgery -  United States Navy (BuMED) and the United States Coast Guard National Maritime Center for applicants and Midshipmen

When medical care needs rise above the scope of services that DMHES provides onsite, higher level of care needs are provided by the highly-respected North Shore - Long Island Jewish Health System at their facilities located less than 5 miles from the Academy.  A multitude of various healthcare providers are also located in the surrounding community who specialize in many common specialty care needs should such a need for these services arise. The Midshipmen are responsible for cost related to care that goes beyond the services available onsite at USMMA through Midshipmen Health Services.

There are exceptions which would make all expenses solely the responsibility of the Midshipmen on a personal out of pocket basis. Generally, these exceptions are associated with injury, illness or diagnosis resulting from a non-disclosed condition, or any medical condition which is incongruent with Academy regulations & policies. Uncovered medical expenses do occur and can be very costly if there is no medical insurance in place. For this reason, all Plebe Candidates and Midshipmen who are not presently covered by a primary health care policy that meets USMMA coverage requirements will need to obtain coverage. Information explaining the USMMA insurance coverage requirements is provided during the USMMA annual open enrollment period for insurance. Notifications for when the open enrollment period begins will be communicated to all Plebe Candidates and Midshipmen at the appropriate time. Midshipmen will be able to obtain insurance coverage through any of the following means:

  1. Through the use of an existing insurance plan (e.g. a family plan, a “self and spouse plan” or self-only plan) that covers the candidate or Midshipman; provided that the policy meets the minimum coverage requirements established by USMMA or...
  1. By obtaining a qualifying Student Health Insurance Plan through The Academy-sponsored insurance provider that meets the Academy’s minimum requirements. The plan is administered by The Allen J Flood Companies. Additional information regarding insurance at USMMA is available by clicking the Insurance Frequently Asked Questions Link at the top right side of this page.
Updated: Wednesday, June 4, 2014