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Homecoming 2016 (Midshipmen/Staff/Faculty)

Monday- 1. Show your team, company or club spirit!  Wear your favorite spirit gear.
2. Spirit Police will be out, just in case you are not spirited enough. You could get pulled over.

Tuesday-  1. 2016 Academy Games – 1600 at the Pool
2. Wet and Wild, Water Day at 1800. – 200 Ft Slip and Slide by the pool.

Wednesday – 1. Eating Contest at Lunch
2.  Regimental BBQ on Tomb Field
3. Men's Soccer: Stevens vs. USMMA

Thursday – 1. Spirit Police – All Day!
2.  Mariner Kart – 1630 Meet at Wiley Hall- Companies will compete in the style of Mario Kart with relay teams around the Oval.
3. Lip Sync Battles at Dinner

Friday – 1. 1630 - Parade/Rally – Homecoming Court finalists will be revealed.
2.  2000 Movie (After the 142 ceremony)

Saturday – 1. Club Fair –  1100-1230 on Barney Square
2.  Company Banner Voting on Barney Square by Alumni, faculty, and staff.
3.  HOMECOMING GAME vs Rochester!
4. Find out who will be our first ever Homecoming Captain and Crew (Captain, Chief Mate, 2nd Mate, 3rd Mate, and Cadet)

 Faculty/Staff/Contractors, we have not left you out… Which office or department is most spirited?  Email the Director of Student Activities if your office or department would like to enter the competition  Any department or office on campus may participate! Winners will be announced at the Homecoming Game on Saturday.

To check out photos and events click on the following links:

Updated: Wednesday, September 14, 2016
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