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USMMA Operations Status: Normal

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Department of Information Technology

The technical nature of the USMMA curriculum, and the fields of engineering and transportation/logistics in general, are particularly suited to the use of computers as both teaching aids and problem solving tools. Many courses in all areas of the curriculum involve computer applications. The integration of computers in the curriculum is achieved through the use of computer laboratories, wired and wireless electronic classrooms, state of the art simulators, and personal computers.

Incoming plebes are required to procure laptops that meet the Academy's published standards . A recommended laptop and minimum specifications are published for each arriving class.  The recommended laptop is available for purchase through the Navy Exchange. Software required for classwork is provided by the Academy.  It is a requirement that a laptop be maintained while enrolled at USMMA. A Help Desk is available on Academy grounds for all midshipmen computing service issues, and assistance is available every weekday (except federal holidays) from 7:00 am until 5:00 pm.

USMMA provides networked, shared printers throughout the barracks buildings. So personal printers are no longer a part of the Plebe Issue. Midshipmen may acquire personal desktop printers, if they choose. Each midshipman is personally responsible for selecting a desktop printer that is compatible with the Academy's choice of network and personal computer software.

Each building on campus is connected to the Academy network operating at 10 gigabits per second (gbps). Wired data outlets in each barracks buildings provide each midshipman between 100 mbps and 1 gbps of bandwidth. DT, The Academy continues to expand high speed wireless access throughout the barracks buildings and outdoor spaces around the campus. Classroom buildings, the Library, and other common areas are already served by wireless access. The campus connection to the Internet is currently 200 mbps which is substantially higher than other colleges and universities of comparable size. Midshipmen at the Academy consume 60 to 80% more bandwidth per person than cadets and midshipmen at the other Federal Service Academies.


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