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Financial Aid Description of Midshipman Fees

Description of Midshipman Fees

All Midshipmen are required to pay for mandatory educational and personal services and supplies not provided by the Federal Government. All students are responsible for the payment of Midshipmen Fees. Failure to pay the required fees by the published due dates may jeopardize enrollment into the entering class, and may result in disciplinary action including suspension and/or disenrollment from the Academy:

  • Plebe Laptop Package: laptop computer and software which meets federal requirements, printer, basic peripherals, and warranty service.
  • Extended Laptop Warranty: fourth year warranty service coverage (for Class of 2011 laptops only).
  • Wash-and-fold laundry service: contract weekly laundry service for midshipmen uniforms and garments.
  • Washer and dryer rental service: contract for midshipman self-service laundry machines on campus.
  • Tailor and seamstress service: personnel and supplies to provide for uniform adjustments and repairs to ensure consistent appearance amongst midshipmen.
  • Barber and hairdresser service: personnel and supplies to ensure consistent military bearing and appearance amongst midshipmen.
  • Supplemental accident insurance: "Gap" coverage between USMMA medical services and insurance carried by midshipman's family or by shopping companies during sea year. Plan is administered and coordinated by USMMA Department of Health Services.
Updated: Tuesday, March 26, 2013
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